With more than 1400 scrubbers in the field servicing Epitaxial, Metal Etch, Poly Etch and CVD process abatement applications, Airgard’s scrubbers are world renowned. Unrivalled in efficiency, the Airgard scrubber removes >99.99% of water-soluble gases by using a special combination of a specialized non-clogging gas inlet device, high flow spray chambers and a unique packed column design.

Airgard’s scrubber is a great improvement over their competitors’ designs. It features specialized gas inlets that eliminates process tool downtime due to inlet restrictions. The Airgard scrubber increases productivity and yields, eliminating costly process tool downtime. Typically, the Airgard scrubber pays for itself within a year.


  • EPI, including High Flow Solar applications
  • Metal etch, Poly Etch, ALD, etc.
  • PV processes, CIGS
  • HF/F2 abatement

Customer Benefits:

  • No gas inlet clogging
  • Highest possible uptime
  • No scrubber related tool downtime
  • Foot print of less than 1 m2
  • PM intervals 90 to180 days
  • MTTR < 1 hour

Technical Characteristics:

  • Inlet plunger
  • Positive pressure drain
  • pH control available
  • ATEX version upon request
  • Heated inlet
  • PLC controlled operation

Technical Data

Model   Model C Model C-XL
Max. gas flow [slm] 1,000 5,000
Power usage [kW] 1.5 - 2 3
Nitrogen usage [slm] 15 20
Water consumption [l/min] 3 - 10 5 - 20
No. of inlets   1 - 4  
Voltage [V] 208 - 480 VAC, 50/60 Hz 208 - 480 VAC, 50/60 Hz