Customer Services

EBARA Precision Machinery Europe (EPME) provides an extensive network of direct Customer Support Centres across Europe. All European service operations are connected to the global EBARA Precision Machinery service network. EPME is committed to providing  total sub-fab solutions for pumps and abatement based on servicing your products, thus enabling the end-user to focus on what you do best – manufacturing!

Whether it is preparing budgetary quotations, cost of ownership analyses, applications reviews, site layouts, data tracking, tool evaluation, our professional sales and support staff will assist you by providing the solutions you need.

EBARA Precision Machinery Europe's reputation is based on its outstanding service coverage in close proximity to our customers. More than 50 field service employees with a long experience record are capable of providing support in the following categories.

Support Options:

  • Fab planning, site review, engineering support, installation, start-up, acceptances tests
  • Demo support, evaluations, application support
  • Performance monitoring and optimization
  • CoO analysis, failure analysis, data tracking
  • Consumables optimization
  • Guaranteed uptime
  • Pump and Abatement Park Operations
  • Packing & shipping
  • Spare parts supply, on-site inventory
  • Guaranteed response times
  • Guaranteed delivery times
  • On-site consignment stock

Our fully equipped Service Centre located in West Lothian Scotland employs highly skilled vacuum engineers to maintain and refurbish our EBARA vacuum pumps. This facility also services 3rd party brands for example dry pumps, turbo pumps, scroll pumps, wet pumps and other associated products.

Vacuum Pumps with proven reliability in severe semiconductor processes have to be serviced to ensure trouble free running and with our experience we can maintain this proven reliability on all vacuum processes. Our ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO18001 qualified procedures orchestrates the handling of contaminated equipment and enables a full step by step process control.

We can also guarantee predefined turnaround time requested by customers. The Global communication network we have in place for sourcing parts and exchanging information between global overhaul centres always ensures the highest standard of quality is provided. Engineering skills are constantly updated using internal training courses.

EBARA's remanufacturing process consists of:

  • A thorough decontamination & cleaning process enabling our technicians to inspect each individual part for wear or specification out of tolerance.
  • Replacement of new gears, bearings, and consumable parts to ensure quality and consistency in all remanufactured pumps.
  • Module & System assembly whereby EBARA propriety tooling is required to ensure successful integration of the entire vacuum pump.
  • A continuous improvement program where your pumps receive the latest engineering revisions whether it is a hardware or software improvement, or a procedural change ensuring success in the field.
  • Leak Check & Performance Test enabling the vacuum pump to be load tested under various vacuum pressure regimes.
  • Documented ISO 9001 monitored remanufacturing process building Quality safeguards in each step of the remanufacturing process.
  • Completed pump with EBARA warranty capable of meeting new unit performance and specifications.

Training of handling vacuum equipment can also be provided to customers upon special requests.

  • Warranty
  • On-Call

2, Cochrane Square, Brucefield Ind. Park,
GB-Livingston, EH54 9DR
Phone: +44 (1506) 460232
Fax: +44 (1506) 460222

EBARA has broad capabilities to refurbish customer tools to reach extended life time and to meet higher specification demands. This covers for example new polishing heads, anode holders for Plating tools, new monitoring features or robot refurbishment.

Also EBARA offers used tools which will be refurbished according to customer specs. Refurbishments are done at our Newcastle site which is especially equipped with a clean room and other required facilities.

To optimize the performance and to facilitate the handling over  the lifecycle of the pumps/abatement system or front end tool EBARA Precision Machinery Europe offers:

•    Maintenance contracts (incl. non-EBARA products)
•    Up to 7 days x 24 h service contracts
•    Contracts for operational support
•    On-call contracts
•    Guaranteed response time
•    Guaranteed uptime
•    Preventive maintenance
•    Product and maintenance training.