EBARA is a leading supplier for the Semiconductor Industry with a broad product portfolio divided into two sections: Components and Systems. The Components section offers Dry and Turbomolecular Vacuum Pumps, Point-of-Use Abatement systems whereas the Systems department concentrates on Front End Wafer Processing Equipment for Chemical Mechanical Polishing, advanced Electro-Plating, Bevel Polishing, and Ozonizers.

EBARA´s Dry and Turbomolecular Vacuum Pumps and Point-of-Use Abatement systems provide leading edge features to handle the most demanding processes in the Semiconductor industry. EBARA’s Dry vacuum pumps can handle the harshest applications such as LPCVD, PECVD, and CVD. EBARA’s Abatement systems include wet, combustion, catalytic, dynamic oxidation and thermal technologies. All of products are designed for low cost of ownership, high reliability and compliance to safety standards.  EBARA´s EVS-series pumps are distinguished by the lowest energy consumption in the industry.

EBARA’s mission is to handle the complete basement with vacuum pumps and abatement systems for the different processes together with piping, heaters, traps etc. and the communication network of the factory. EBARA takes care of Vacuum and Abatement Engineering, components selection, hook-up and testing, the complete basement operation and offers up to 24 x 7 h service support.

EBARA’s semiconductor systems concentrate on wet chemistry processes within the wafer manufacturing flow. Three different machines for Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP), Advanced Electroplating (EEP) and Bevel Polishing (BP) are on offer.

EBARA’s CMP tools F*REX 150/200/300 –– are designed to run all CMP processes from the established oxide/ILD/STI and metal (W, Cu) processes up to all kinds of new applications like aluminum, ruthenium and others currently under development within the industry. Its modular concept enables a fast modification towards any new process and supports fast development cycles for new CMP applications.

The Advanced Electroplating tools are called UFP-200/300 –– and are available both as fully automated or manual plating tool mainly targeting bumping and redistribution. Its concept of vertically immersing the wafer also enables leading edge performance in the plating processes including through-silicon-via and MEMS like (RF Coils etc.) applications. The system is designed to be operated with all kinds of metal - including but not limited to Cu, Ni, Au, Sn, SnAg, lead-free solder etc. - and is also easily customizable to new types of applications.

The newly emerging area of bevel polishing is being covered by EBARA with the EAC200/300 tool. It offers reengineering capability of the bevel area by polishing with an abrasive tape. This treatment removes unwanted features (scratches, film residues etc.) on the bevel and wafer edge area. The polishing area can reach up to 5 mm towards the inner area of the wafer. As a result defects on the wafer active area - like flakes, particles or feature size changes coming from or caused by an uncontrolled bevel area - are significantly removed, directly translating into higher yield on the whole wafer. 

All EBARA wafer process equipment offers a superior reliability and highest productivity at lowest possible cost-of-ownership. These key properties are achieved by industry leading uptime numbers and throughput figures.
EBARA’s equipment and process support teams offer training, installation, acceptance testing, maintenance, upgrade and tool modifications and process development on an up to 24 h x 7 h basis.