Ozone (O3) is an allotrope of Oxygen (O2) and is the second most powerful oxidant next to fluorine. Ozone readily and spontaneously breaks down into oxygen. As a result ozone processing leaves no residues or harsh by-products and eliminates the transport, storage and waste removal of potentially dangerous chemicals.

EBARA´s Ozonizers of the OZW series supplies clean ozonized water to be used for wafer cleaning. OZW is equipped with a special Teflon hollow fibre membrane to ensure a high concentration of up to 30 ml/L. The ozonized water flow is up to 40 l/min.

Ebara OZC series generates high concentration ozone by using combined discharge technology. The OZC for example for TEOS processes to stimulate oxidation.

The OZC and OZW patented electrode features extremely high volume flow and lowest metal ion contamination. Both systems provide integrated flow control to limit flow instabilities to below ± 10%.

Technical Characterists OZW:

  • High concentration, large volume ozonized water supply
  • Impurity-free ozonized water
  • Superior concentration and flow rate stability
  • Superior ease of operation, safety and reliability make the system ideally suited for production line use

Technical Characteristics OZC:

  • Steadily generates large volumes of highly concentrated ozone ( 10% vol. or higher)
  • Achieves ultra clean ozone through the adoption of ceramic coated electrodes and sapphire dielectrics
  • Equipped ozone leak sensor as standard