EBARA is a leading supplier of vacuum solutions for different industries,
with a recognized brand name.

EBARA pumps are suitable for vacuum generation on

  • coating systems (e.g. architecture glass coating)
  • cluster tools
  • vacuum furnaces
  • etc.

The special and unique technical features of EBARA dry vacuum pumps allow its utilization as stand-alone pumps, in coating processes and vacuum furnaces. The special features of the ESA series, especially the ESA300W and ESA500W, large roughing pump in combination with large pumping speed roots blower, make it the ideal pump for load lock and unload lock use. The advantage for the customer is the fact that EBARA provides already a pump as a pump set, whereas the competition can only provide elements to make it a pump set.

Looking into the needs of cluster tools, one may find that single large pumping speed turbo pumps need a dry pump as backup pump. Turbo pumps with 2,000 to 3,000 l/s may find its ideal partner in the energy saving EBARA EV-S dry pump series. Low power consumption turbo molecular pumps meet low power consumption dry roughing pump.