The EPIX filter remove even trace quantities of gas in clean rooms.
Requirements for "more chemically clean environment" have been driven by the demand for semiconductor industries, foodstuffs and pharmaceutical plants.
EBARA's novel EPIX Filters
for removal of trace level chemical contaminants have been developed to reliably meet such requirement. The novel chemical filters are capable to remove acidic, basic and neutral salt contaminants in the air by means of chemical adsorption through ion exchange functions.

The EPIX filter exhibits its high performance at extremely low concentration ranges like ppb and ppt level of chemical contaminants in the air.


  • Easy installation in existing clean rooms - Filters are lightweight and cause minimum pressure loss
  • High removal efficiency for even extremely low concentration of chemical contaminants - Quick response time due to high density ion exchange base
  • No discharge of impurities from itself to effluent air - Raw material is free of additives, and catalysts keep the final product clean
  • No discharge of absorbed gas in case of room temperature fluctuations - Maximum operation temperature is 50°C
  • Flexible selection of combinations of cationic and/or anionic non woven fabrics