In the effort to protect the ambient environment, EBARA Precision Machinery Europe (EPME) are working towards decreasing the burden that our business activities exert on our natural environment and are continually working to eliminate pollution. Through our activities, we are providing technologies and products that will contribute to a recycling-oriented society. Our solutions are provided to all our valued customers in the hope of realizing that goal.

Tackling environmental issues is one of the most important tasks for EPME. In the following we set our regulations for environmental conservation in our daily activities, contributions to environmental conservation within our business activities, and efforts for environmental management.

In our business activities, we will strive to prevent environmental contamination and continually improve environmental conservation activities.

(1)   We will observe laws/ordinances related to environmental conservation, agreements, matters of accord with public agencies, principles other than regulations, and self-restraint rules of the company.
(2) We will endeavor for the curtailment and recycling of waste in our offices and operational facilities, as well as for resources and energy savings.
(3) With regard to applications, systems design, services and new business, we will sufficiently assess their effects on the environment from the viewpoint of preventing environment pollution and adopt technologies for the prevention of contamination.
(4) In our overhaul workshop we operate in line with fixed procedures represented by ISO 14001.

With respect to our products, technologies and solutions, we strive towards the conservation of the global environment, the formation of a recycling-based society and to the environmental protection of our society. Further, we will strive for the reduction of environmental loads resulting from our products and workshops, as well as for resources and energy savings.

To enforce environmental conservation activities, it is our own responsibility to enforce individual activities in the workplace of each employee:

(1)   We incorporate the environmental philosophy in our management systems within the company.
(2) We extend environmental education to our officers and employees and provide the society with information designed to promote environmental conservation.

In order to steadily execute afore mentioned efforts, we will continuously review our purposes and objectives.

Dr. Reinhart Richter