Today’s applications for dry pumps range from light (e.g. load lock (LL)) to very harsh (highly specialized) production processes. New recipes, changing precursor and not well known by-products make applications of dry pumps an ever-lasting challenge for suppliers. On top there are further expectations to be fulfilled such as lowest cost of ownership, longest uptime on process and low investment cost. EBARA’s answer to these requests are:

Customers can select the appropriate dry pumps among the “Roots-type” and the “Screw-type” line. The latter ones (EST series pumps) will be used in harshest processes where considerable by-product has to be transported through the pump. Multi-stage Roots-type pumps are the standard case for light (LL), to medium harsh processes: the ESA family (soft applications), the EV-S family (cost effective on process with no by-product) and the EV-M family (medium harsh applications with some by-product).

Homogeneous Nickel-Steel alloys make pumps withstand corrosive processes without harm. Adaption of the proper working temperature of a pump is to avoid inner condensation. By design EBARA pumps work at elevated temperatures thus minimizing that risk. The temperature level can be varied in a wide range according to actual needs. A welcome side-effect of elevated working temperatures is lowering the consumption of purge gas for dilution and, at the same time, a limitation of cooling water. Both effects counts in the calculation of the Cost of Ownership, CoO.

There are more and more requests for handling of ever growing amounts of pure Hydrogen in today´s applications, especially in the manufacturing of LED and PV-cells but also in the IC-industry (ALD). EBARA’s dual voltage pumps of the ESA-series are setting standards in this application field, due to special design features.

Also In terms of physical size EBARA dry pumps are setting standards: EBARA has the most compact pumps in the industry. Compactness counts in case of limited footprint requirements.

Cost of Ownership or rather Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is getting more and more into the focus of big manufacturers. Besides consumables such as electricity, purge gas, cooling water, TCO includes costs for service, maintenance and overhaul, which is to be considered over the whole life time of a fab. For users it pays off to carefully select the right pumps out of the EBARA dry pumps portfolio. Due to its inherent design characteristics EBARA pumps show strong and proven advantages in this respect. An experienced team of engineers all over Europe will support customers from the beginning of a project up to the implantation and over the whole life time of the product.