EBARA Precision Machinery Europe GmbH (EPME) business activities cover the area of the European Community, the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

EPME has defined a Code of Ethics which contains the basic standards in executing company activities. All in-house rules, such as internal regulations and manuals, will be formulated, maintained, and operated in accordance with this Code of Conduct.

All officers and employees of the company (regular employees, counsellors, part timers, and accepted transfer employees) declare to regard the “Code of Ethics” as their obligation and practice and to follow it in all business practices.

This Code of Ethics will be applied to EPME and its subsidaries. The standards comprise

(1)   Social standards
Various kinds of standards governing the social life of people (rules to be followed), principal ones, custom-based standards and moral standards.
(2) Company ethics
This refers to the practice of an enterprise to act based on good social sense based on sound social development.
(3) Compliance
This refers not to the observation of laws/ordinances in the narrow sense of the word but to abiding by company ethics, taking actions in accordance with company visions, etc., and thereby raising the degrees of company ethics and sincerity.