Customer Services

EBARA Precision Machinery Europe (EPME) provides an extensive network of direct Customer Support Centres across Europe. All European service operations are connected to the global EBARA Precision Machinery service network. EPME is committed to providing  total sub-fab solutions for pumps and abatement based on servicing your products, thus enabling the end-user to focus on what you do best – manufacturing!
Whether it is preparing budgetary quotations, cost of ownership analyses, applications reviews, site layouts, data tracking, tool evaluation, our professional sales and support staff will assist you by providing the solutions you need.
EBARA Precision Machinery Europe's reputation is based on its outstanding service coverage in close proximity to our customers. More than 50 field service employees with a long experience record are capable of providing support in the following categories.


Support Options:
•    Fab planning, site review, engineering support, installation, start-up, acceptances tests
•    Demo support, evaluations, application support
•    Performance monitoring and optimization
•    CoO analysis, failure analysis, data tracking
•    Consumables optimization
•    Guaranteed uptime
•    Pump and Abatement Park Operations